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 Expertise: Scheduling

  Professional Architecture Industry 50+ years; Installation Management, Operation and Infrastructure Development 30+ years; Structural Engineering 30+ years; Engineering & Construction 20+years; Professional MEP Industry 20+ years; FPE, Code, and Life-Safety Design and Consulting 20+ years; FPE Systems Commissioning and FCxA Duties 10+ years; Medical Space Planning 20+ years; LEED AP ID+C 10+ years; Construction & Project Management 50+ years; Access Control & Communications 20+ years.


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SWMBE and HUB Subcontracting Goals

One of our greatest strengths at HHAHC that benefits the Client greatly is our involvement with SWMBEs on not one, but all our contracting opportunities. When HHAHC embarks on the preparation of a response to an RFP, we meet with our committed teams to develop accurate cost estimates and preliminary schedules for providing an effective response. In regard to design build efforts; HHAHC has a complete “local” team comprised of Architects, Interior Designers, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, MEP Engineers, and Space Planners. Our DOR and Engineers communicate directly with our prequalified major and minor SWMBE subcontractors for the most cost-effective approach achievable.  Our approach to projects saves time, tremendously minimizes risk and provides a truly integrated team from conception to completion.  We believe that it takes a team to be successful. Knowing that our partners maintain the same commitment level as we do, ensures that we are always able to deliver the highest quality and best value projects. 




Differentiators: Integration

We provide a complete team of engineers, architects, space planners, quality control managers, safety professionals, and sub-trade partners that are engaged in our projects from conception through completion.  Our provisions include advice, preparation of feasibility studies, preparation of preliminary and final plans and designs, as well as technical services during construction or installation phase, inspection and evaluations.  As an emerging small business, we can provide best value pricing, long standing relationships with subcontractors, and an emphasis on quality and safety. We have an excellent safety record with zero job injury.  Projects are completed on or before expected completion date while staying on budget. We provide one-on-one customer focus and can use alternate means to overcome obstacles throughout a project in order to meet completion date.


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