Woman-Owned & Operated

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Program Manager & Project Controls,  Hope McKee -Owner

Bachelor of Arts, Business Management & Accounting 

23+ years in Construction Management, 12+ years in Design Build Integration,  13+ years in Federal USACE/USAF Construction Quality Control Management, 4+ years in Healthcare Facility Design, 6+ years in TxDOT Aviation, 3+ years in City and State Construction Projects.  Certified: USACE CQCM, EM 385 1-1, SSHO, 1st Aide/CPR, Fall Protection, NFPA 70E Safety, Fire Safety Response DOT Hazmat, Hazcom & Global Harmonized System for Classification & Labeling, Lead Hazard Awareness, Hazardous Energy Control (LO/TO) Waste Operations Emergency Response, Heavy Equipment, Excavation & Trenching Competent Person. 

Hope McKee is the company representative responsible for the project controls, contract and risk management of all Federal and State design build and construction projects.  Maintains a relentless focus on meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations.  Builds business with current customers by delivering on promises and by creating new business with potential customers in a proactive manner, promoting all of our construction, risk management and quality control services.  Review of RFP to determine the ability for Hard Hats & Heels Construction & Services, Inc. (HHAHC) to compete based on contract clauses, requirements, staffing and bonding.  Collaborate with CFM to prepare, review, and monitor information and reports related to all costs involved in the project’s budget. Develops Mission Alignment Plan with the client and administers plan objectives.    Knows and understands the requirements of owner’s contract, to include the RFP, bonds, fees, notifications, schedules, reporting, and costs.  The company representative responsible for contract negotiations and financial controls.  Maintains Loss Prevention. Reviews the contract documents with all project participants (e.g., customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, government regulators, utilities) to ensure work is completed on time and within budget.  Directs and supervises activities related to contract compliance, contract administration, change orders, project financial projections, and schedule requirements to ensure projects are completed in a quality, profitable, and Safety/Zero Harm manner.  

The company representative that provides leadership, direction and management of the project budgets.  Manages the processes for financial forecasting and budgets, and overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting. Advising on long-term business and financial planning while establishing and developing relations with senior management and external partners and stakeholders. Reviews all formal finance, HR and IT related procedures.  Reviews and manages project’s budget and coordinates the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) development. Develops and completes monthly Projected Final Cost Report (PFR) and Labor Cost Report (LCR) projections on time.  Develops and maintains the SWMBE and HUB Subcontracting goals to exceed contract percentage requirements. Collaborates with SCM and/or SPM, Superintendent, subcontractors, and suppliers to finalize a construction schedule.  Develops an organizational and responsibilities matrix at the start of each project and collaborates with SCM and/or SPM to determine the resources needed for the project (e.g., people, tools, equipment, materials, internal and external services). Provides support and representation for the client at events as needed.  Assigns field levels of authority. Actively participates in industry, client, and community relations to enhance the image for the client.  Communicates the clients vision and purpose through service, talent, and choices.  Serves as a role model and promotes professional behavior. Participates in personal career development by attending operations training programs and takes direct accountability for training and developing direct reports. 

Senior Project Manager- Communications Liaison/ Jennifer Guerriero

Bachelor of Arts, Business Management & Accounting 

The company representative responsible for providing technical skills and communication expertise gathered from 25+ years of customer/client satisfaction; valuing a high level of ethics, integrity and trust. Experience with the collaboration and integration between Project Managers, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Initial Outfitting and the Client under multimillion dollar Government projects. Accurately developing, distributing and tracking supporting documentation.  Utilizing project management software for the preparation of weekly reports, meeting minutes, agendas and various supporting documentation.  Tracking design changes and actions.  Identifying and addressing potential risks. Updating and reviewing information for ProjNet Design Review Checking System. Attending and participating in Design Review Resolution Meetings.  Initiates set-up of the job management system.  Helps solicit subcontractors and suppliers and provides follow-up on proposals due.  Assists with preparation and coordinating of proposals, manuals, and presentations. Collaborate with Chief Financial Manager (CFM) to determine best project approach for bidding purposes. Able to work effectively with ambiguity, business acumen, conflict management, planning and problem solving; while motivating and building an effective team.  Builds effective relationships with clients, design team, subcontractors, suppliers, and user groups that reflect and support company core values and meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations.  Actively participates in industry, client, and community relations to enhance company image, culture, leadership and employee development. Integrates and Coordinates all requirements for subcontractors and suppliers to meet project schedules.  Responsible for proactive administration of reviewing all submittal data and shop drawings to ensure project schedules are expedited and materials are delivered on time.  Distributes proposal change documents to subcontractors/suppliers and assists in collecting pricing and/or prepares change proposal requests for internal pricing review.  Ensures all clarifications, changes, directives, RFIs, etc., are updated on the “as-built” drawings and are fully coordinated with company supervision and all subcontractor/suppliers.  Responsible for developing contract compliant plans to include Construction Quality Control Plans (CQCP), Health & Safety Plans (HASP), Accident Prevention Plans (APP), Job Site Awareness Plans, Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) and any additional reporting or contract required plans. 


Public Affairs and Marketing Specialist

Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communication & Journalism

The company representative responsible for determining and developing marketing strategies to support HHAHC strategic objectives and visions.  Prepare responses drafted by others to RFIs, RFQs, RFPs and industry award programs including research, writing, page layout, and graphics.  Assists in proposal documents developed by others for distribution.  Provide proposal information to company’s small business partners upon request.  Update all proposal material to reflect current conditions and to update project database in a timely manner.  Create and maintain project fact sheets and resumes.  Update and maintain client testimonials and references.  Proofread, edit and provide quality reviews of proposals issued by subcontractors.  Continually strive for benefits-oriented messages and visuals in pursuit and other deliverables. Assist in writing, production and distribution of construction plans. Provide graphics and other creative support to all jobsites as needed.  Manages all social media based on client needs. 

Senior Construction Manager & Scheduler


The company representative responsible for coordination efforts of preconstruction meetings with subcontractors; assisted by the PM and/or Superintendent.  Serves as the project senior quality control manager for assigned trades by verifying that subcontractor deliveries meet approved submittal requirements.  Attends and participates in meetings with Architect/Engineer and owner representatives. Provides information and assists the Project Manager in the preparation of progress reports/meeting minutes. Responsible for submitting owner required close-out documents and assisting subcontractors/suppliers in scheduling owner required training and documentation.   Develops submittal register based on contract documents.  Assists Project Manager in defining responsibilities for processing submittals; including taking ownership of more difficult trades in cases of limited staff.  Confirms all required paperwork from subcontractors and suppliers is completed at appropriately designated times before and during the project.  Communicates with all suppliers and subcontractors to be certain they understand performance standards related to predetermined schedules, plans and specifications.  Coordinates with the Project Manager regarding appropriate actions to be taken when performance issues arise. Certified: USACE CQCM, EM 385 1-1, SSHO, 1st Aide/CPR, Fall Protection, NFPA 70E Safety, Fire Safety Response DOT Hazmat, Hazcom & Global Harmonized System for Classification & Labeling, Lead Hazard Awareness, Hazardous Energy Control (LO/TO) Waste Operations Emergency Response, Heavy Equipment, Excavation & Trenching Competent Person.

Senior Safety and Health Manager

Bachelor of Arts in Natural Science

Senior safety and health, industrial hygiene, hazardous materials, radiation safety, military medical construction, quality control bio-safety and infection control, epidemiology, high hazard demolition, industrial air filtration and environmental remediation/compliance professional with over 30 years of international experience. Safety, Health and Environmental program expert providing services to military, industrial, research, manufacturing, super fund sites, oil and gas, and construction projects in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, Puerto Rico, Guam and Japan. Manage company and client expectations involving the full range of project compliance and training management loss prevention and risk management. Bilingual (English and Spanish) Instructor/trainer/facilitator/manager, with successful experience managing projects international settings with proven success.

Construction Field Management Team Roles & Responsibilities

Project Foremen, Submittal Clerks, Quality Control Managers and Site Safety & Health Officers are staffed per project demands.