Current & Past Performance



HHAHC has performed or is performing on the following contracts as Contract Managers, Compliance Officers, Quality Assurance Managers, Assistant Project Managers, Schedulers, Plan Developers, Design Build Integrator, Risk Managers, Communication Managers, Submittal Clerks, Certified Payroll Clerks, Subcontract Managers, Payment Processors, RMS/QCS Administrators, & WAWF Administrators.


  • Jacksonville District,  FANG Modular Range, USACE, ($808K) Design Build, Foundation design to support small arms range, parking area with 15 spaces, utility infrastructure. 
  • Jacksonville District, DLA Bldg 109 Mezzanine, USACE, ($1.1M) Design Build, for demolition and renovation to the interior/exterior areas of B109, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).  Interior demolition of mezzanine, abandoned utilities, and existing workstations with supporting infrastructure; Interior build back of new break room, with HVAC, electrical, fire protection system, water distribution; Site work includes new parking lot, pedestrian gate, flood lights, cameras, chain link fence and concrete ramp with loading dock.
  • Savannah District, USACE, ($4.29M) Upgrading high security training area to increase the occupancy capacity, updating the fire alarm and fir suppression system, replacing the HVAC system to meet the revised loading requirements and miscellaneous roof repairs.


  • Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station, SC, USACE ($982K) Design, demolition and construction to repair and reconfigure the existing overhead distribution systems at 1st street and SPAWAR area. 
  • Joint Base Andrews, MD, USAF, Repair/Replace West Side Deluge System ($6M) Repair and replacement of the west side underground fire water pumps, and replace the storage tank. High Performance Sustainable Building (HPSB) requirements. 
  • USNA Midshipmen Store Renovation($2.4M) Design & Renovation of the Midshipmen Store
  • Fort Hood TX, USACE/DPW, 1ACB SSA Warehouse ($9.8M) Design & construct an overhead canopy, organizational vehicle parking, building information systems, fire protection and alarm systems and EMS connections. 
  • FE Warren AFB, WY Renovate B347 ($5.6M), Helicopter Group HQ 
  • Altus AFB, OK, USAF Renovation B193($2.6M): Renovate approximately 15,700 SF B193 first floor interior with auditorium and fire stairs. Major work includes, addition of first floor fire suppression system, repair by replacement of first floor HVAC system and controls, electrical system upgrade to include communication and security pipe and box, functional reconfiguration and modernization of interior spaces and finishes, and selective demolition and abatement of hazardous components.
  • Altus AFB, OK, USAF, Interior Renovation B164($4.9M) Renovate approximately 34,515 GSF of interior space. Major work includes removal, repair, addition, replacement and alteration of spaces and systems. Reconfiguration and modernization of interior spaces and finishes with selective demolition, and abatement of hazardous components. Structural analysis for the addition of fire suppression system in the building. Removal and replacement of two (2) HVAC system and controls, plumbing line, fixture and accessories. Electrical system upgrade to include 500kVA pad mounted transformer outside the building, communication and security cable trays, conduits and outlets. 
  • Randolph AFB, TX, USACE, Renovation of PMEL HANGAR 63($3.6M): Renovation and build back, Lead Removal, Skylight addition, and replacement of second chiller. 
  • Lackland AFB, TX USAF/502D Contracting Squadron, Audio and Visual Upgrades ($326K): Provided government specified equipment for installation into 3 top security level facilities. 
  • Fort Hood TX, USACE/DPW, Design Bid Build ATEC Technology Center ($4.6M) Construction of new 8,500 SF steel frame with brick veneer B91009 Army Testing Lab and Evaluation Command technology Integration Center, including site work and landscaping. Dumpster pad, mechanical yard and concrete test pad.
  • Tinker AFB, OK, USACE, Multiple Concrete Repairs ($300K) at JBSA-Lackland, TX, 502d Contracting
  • Break room Renovation – Building 2061 ($50K) at JBSA-Lackland, TX, 502d Contracting
  • RPR Fire Protection System – Building 2081 ($500K) at JBSA-Lackland, TX, 502d Contracting
  • Kelly Annex – DISA Gate Renovation Building 200 ($100K) at JBSA-Lackland, TX, 502d Contracting
  • Parking Lot Construction Building 16000 ($655K) at JBSA-Lackland, TX, 502d Contracting
  • SCIF Building Repair and Renovation Building 2169 ($500K) at JBSA-Lackland, TX, 502d Contracting
  • Repair and Renovation of the Battlefield Airman Natatorium ($3M) at JBSA-Lackland, TX, 502d Contracting


  • Corpus Christi International Airport ($2.8M), TxDOT 
  • Jim Hogg County Airport ($1.8M) TxDOT, Edinburg International Airport ($800K), TxDOT
  • Live Oak County Airport Taxiway and Runway Repairs ($1.1M), TxDOT
  •  RPR Porte Cochere, B3820 ($83K), JBSA-Lackland, TX, 502d Contracting


  • NAVFAC, NAS Kingsville, TX, Small Arms Firing Range Renovation & Rehabilitation B177/B4790/B4791: ($110K) USACE
  • Barksdale Air Force Base Dental Clinic Renovation/Addition, Barksdale AFB, LA ($5.5M) USACE
  • Kirtland Air Force Base, Medical Clinic Renovation, Kirtland AFB, NM- ($17M) USACE
  • Satellite Pharmacy- ($8.6M) at Lackland Air Force Base, TX  
  • Old Post Theater Renovation/Rehabilitation/Addition, ($21.3M) at Fort Sam Houston, USACE/IMCOM
  • Multiple (25+) Residential Renovation/Remodels ($1.4M) 

Additional resources and references available upon request.