Major Responsibilities  of Quality Control Managers, to ensure that project goals are achieved include:   

  • Assist in preparing proposal technical approach and cost related to Quality Program implementation. 
  • Prepare Quality Control Project Plans, including Definable  Features of Work, inspection requirements, and testing plan. Prepare  appropriate, targeted field forms associated with this Plan. 
  • Ensure compliance with Submittal requirements, including  maintaining submittal logs, tracking review/approval/resubmittal, and  review of technical submittals as required based on subject matter  expertise. 
  • Assist project team in preparing Request for Information (RFI) as necessary. 
  • Implement field 3-phase Quality Control process in accordance  with USACE Construction Quality Management for Contractors training. 
  • Document field quality deficiencies, and track via Deficiency Log through closeout. 
  • Build and lead a QC team of subject matter experts to execute successful job specific QC programs. 
  • Work with field team to understand the timing and rationale for  quality “hold points” for inspection and testing. Plan with the field  team to effectively implement the inspection and testing plan. 
  • Complete targeted Daily Quality Control Reports, notes of  Preparatory and Initial Phase meetings, and reports of deficiencies. The  focus must be on features of the work inspected and tested and the  results of those inspections/testing.
  • Report the status of quality program implementation to the  Program Quality Control Manager, with copies to the Site  Superintendent. 
  • Assist project team in  resolving outstanding quality concerns. Troubleshoot and problem solve  as required on all projects. 
  • Having a proven track record of meeting  production, quality and customer service standards in a fast paced  construction environment.